Unique Pets

Q&A with sophomore Elizabeth Hart about her unique pet frog


Submitted Photo || Elizabeth Hart
Sophomore Elizabeth Hart’s pet frog, Kermit, swims in his tank. Kermit is an aquatic African dwarf frog.

What is it like to have a pet frog?


Kermit is a fully aquatic frog, so he just sits there and looks cute. He is an African dwarf frog, so he stares at me a lot because he has big bulgy eyes and clawed toes.


Is having frogs as a pet misinterpreted?

I definitely think frogs are misinterpreted, especially right now because frogs are really popular. Some people can buy them and not know what they’re doing. I didn’t know what I was doing because it was originally my sister’s pet frog that she got from her third-grade class. 


How did you get the interest or inspiration to get a pet frog? Why did you decide to get a pet frog compared to other pets?

A lot of my friends like frogs right now. Frogs are just really popular and cute. My sister had a frog, but she didn’t want to take care of it anymore, so I ended up taking care of it. 


How has having a pet frog impacted you?

I had a house fire, but Kermit managed to survive, so he has been bouncing with us between places. Once we got to a place, we got him a bigger tank and some more stuff to mess around with in his tank, and he got a lot more energetic. Personally, he just sits there and looks cute, and I love him a lot. 

Submitted Photo || Elizabeth Hart
Elizabeth Hart says because her pet frog, Kermit, is aquatic, she can’t pick him up, hold him, put him anywhere or interact much. However, whenever Hart feeds him, Kermit jumps up and bites her finger to get the food, which Hart finds pretty funny.



Would you say that pet frogs need more attention and care compared to other pets?

(It is) definitely depending on the type of frog. Cats are more low-maintenance, but frogs sometimes need specific requirements such as a humidifier. But for my frog, we change his water every week and give him food every day. My frog doesn’t need a lot, but, again, other frogs may need more. 


What are some of the reactions from your friends and family to your decision of getting a frog as a pet? 

All my friends really loved my frog. He is very cute and small. We’ve had him almost two years now, but my mom wasn’t fully supportive of getting a frog at first because during the entire school year my sister’s school had two frogs and the teachers were like, “Please take them; we don’t want these frogs anymore,” so we ended up having to take a frog. But in the end, everyone likes him now. 


Does your pet frog do any tricks? Or anything that is unique? 

The way he eats for sure. Technically he’s kind of spoiled. I “hand” feed him because I put the food onto my finger, and I lean over to where he sits and he jumps and jumps up and kind of bites on my finger. And when he bites onto my finger, it doesn’t hurt, but it’s really funny. 


What would you recommend to others if they are interested in getting a frog as a pet? 

I would say try to figure out what your frogs need first because my frog had low energy since we had him in a small tank originally. But now, his energy is higher as he has a bigger tank with more space to play around with. So definitely do your research.