Bright Future?
Bright Future?
Chloe Sun and Emily Sandy May 14, 2021

On The Radar
Maddie Misterka May 14, 2021
BIG Plans
BIG Plans
Daniel Tian and Olivia McKee May 14, 2021
Sophomore Michael Morfas  writes down names to seat customers during his shift at Rosie’s Place on April 29. Morfas said bookkeeping and accountability are essential for his work as a restaurant host.
Workin' It
Riley Laferriere May 14, 2021
Riley Terbush
Worth a Shot
Leah Tan May 14, 2021
Akash “Reno” Bhowmik, Chess Club co-president and junior, picks up a chess piece to make a move against his opponent during the Feb. 24 meeting in F108. Bhowmik said he values the friendships he is able to enhance through Chess Club meetings.
Queen's Gambit
Aniket Biswal and Andrew Caito March 5, 2021
For Akash “Reno” Bhowmik, Chess Club co-president and junior, chess has been a major part of his life. He said he knew the rules of chess and how to play in kindergarten and has since been fascinated with the game.
Cat Crazy
Maddie Kosc March 5, 2021
Shruthi Ravichandran
Senior Alexis “Lexi” Carter admires a pair of sunglasses on display at Broad Ripple Vintage. Carter said she would describe herself as a “Granola Girl”, or someone who enjoys being outdoors and spirituality who also tends to dress in more muted earth tones.
For the Aesthetic
Grace Xu March 5, 2021
Body Positivity
March 5, 2021
Posing for Pride
Junior Daniel Tanner holds an LGBTQ+ Pride flag and poses for a photo during Indy Pride 2019. He attended the festival in June at Military Park. The event was a festival held to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and display pride.
Don't rain on my (Pride) Parade
Riley Laferriere December 11, 2020

SUBMITTED PHOTOS: DANIEL TANNER For LGBTQ+ students like junior Daniel Tanner, discrimination is a very prominant part of everyday life; however,...

Elise Varhan
By the Book
Grace Xu December 11, 2020
Submitted Photos || Rishma Chauhan
Senior Rishma Chauhan poses with her sister, Raya Chauhan, on Diwali, the festival of lights that celebrates Rama’s return to his kingdom.   Chauhan said at first she rejected her culture but later learned how to appreciate it.
Cultural Pride
Leah Tan December 11, 2020
Fight for Right
Emily Sandy December 11, 2020
Submitted Photos || Adare Haas
Adare Haas, dancer and sophomore, performs arabesque as she is dancing. She said that the dancing community is like a second family to her and will impact her for her entire life.
Maddie Misterka December 11, 2020
Digital Romance
Digital Romance
Jillian Moore December 11, 2020
Sense and Sensibility
Sarah Zheng December 11, 2020
In The Arts
In The Arts
Olivia Stock December 11, 2020
Sarah (top
right) and
daughter and
Abigail “Abby”
(bottom right)
Burnham pose
for a photo
with their
family. Abby
and her twin
brother Henry
(bottom left)
were born
from IVF.
Alternate Beginnings
Cady Armstrong October 30, 2020
"I've learned that unfortunately in life, that there is a lot that happens. I remember my dad saying to me, 10% of life is amazing, 10% sucks, and then the other 80% is somewhere in between. I always thought that all my fertility problems were in the 10% of awful until I was able to kind of step back and say that I learned a lot."
Tsion Daniel

Just Write Club Vice President and senior Jasmine Hsu (top right) and media coordinator and senior Uredoojo Agada (bottom right) interview Just Write member junior Mary Foster (left) for officer position. Over the past few years, the club has been able to effectively grow to have more members.
Just Write
Zainab Idrees October 30, 2020
A Monster-osity
Emily Carlisle October 30, 2020
Graphic by Edward Dong
From Different Parts
Austin Guo October 30, 2020
Pol Berger Romeu, STEM Research Club member and junior, measures ethanol using a graduated cylinder at a STEM Research Club meeting on Oct. 8. Berger Romeu said experimenting has allowed him to explore his interests and has made him a more driven and resilient person.
Ally Horwitz October 30, 2020
Aryan Indarapu, TechHOUNDS  programming and electrical lead and senior, briefs club members on their roles during the callout meeting on Oct. 8. Due to hybrid scheduling, the club separated members into a red and blue cohort.
A Mind Of Its Own
Raghav Sriram October 30, 2020
Graphic by Lillian He
A Woman's World
Sam Hawkins October 30, 2020
Horror Movie Reviews
Hannah Baer October 29, 2020