A quarterly-published, topically-based newsmagazine


A quarterly-published, topically-based newsmagazine


A quarterly-published, topically-based newsmagazine


Akash “Reno” Bhowmik, Chess Club co-president and junior, picks up a chess piece to make a move against his opponent during the Feb. 24 meeting in F108. Bhowmik said he values the friendships he is able to enhance through Chess Club meetings.

Queen’s Gambit

“Queen’s Gambit” series brings out renewed interest to chess players
Aniket Biswal and Andrew Caito March 5, 2021

Cat Crazy

Maddie Kosc March 5, 2021
Shruthi Ravichandran
Senior Alexis “Lexi” Carter admires a pair of sunglasses on display at Broad Ripple Vintage. Carter said she would describe herself as a “Granola Girl”, or someone who enjoys being outdoors and spirituality who also tends to dress in more muted earth tones.

For the Aesthetic

Students connect “aesthetics” to identity, perception of others
Grace Xu March 5, 2021
Realms of the Mind

Realms of the Mind

Students, physician discuss impact of dreams on psychology, state of mind
Archit Kalra March 5, 2021
Looking in a Mirror

Looking in a Mirror

Identical twins share their differences, similarities
Ally Horwitz March 5, 2021
Tsion Daniel
Sophomore Zishuo Wang poses with a sign that says “Hi! My name is Zishuo” in his first language, Chinese. Wang said, “When you speak a different language than English, it is kind of difficult because the environment of learning English is not there where I lived.”

It’s a Small World After All

Students, teachers share experiences on exposure to world languages, learning English as new language
Austin Guo March 5, 2021

Body Positivity

March 5, 2021
Calina He
Lindsay Vrobel, botany student and senior, focuses the iPad to view the contents under the microscope. Due to COVID-19, botany students have been using iPads to view the microscope, as opposed to directly looking through the eyepiece.

Magnifying Microbes

CHS science teachers, students share experiences conducting experiments during COVID-19 pandemic
Raghav Sriram March 5, 2021
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