Cat Crazy

Maddie Kosc

Q&A-  Junior Cecilia Meneghini

How did you initially become involved with reTails Adoption Agency?

Over the summer of 2019 I saw a flyer advertised in PetCo looking for volunteers for ReTails and me and my mom thought it would be fun!

What is involved in your role as a volunteer at reTails?

I clean litter boxes, set up beds for the cats, give them food and water, and play with the cats!

Do you have a favorite memory from volunteering with reTails?

I remember meeting my cat, Ramona, while volunteering (at reTails). She was so sweet and we wanted to take her home right away. She is a maine coon.

Why do you think it is important to volunteer with these cats?

I love animals and always have! I want to make sure that they have someone caring for them, as I’m sure being in a shelter is scary (and frightening) for them.

How can others get involved with reTails Adoption Agency?

If you go into PetCo they have flyers advertised for volunteers! They have contact information on the flyers! We messaged the number on the flyer when we first started.

Q&A Senior Kevin Dagvadorj 

How did you initially become involved with fostering cats?

I volunteered at a cat shelter with my friend who ended up fostering a litter of cats herself. Eventually, she got me to do it and I adopted one of the cats that I ended up fostering.

What is involved in the role of someone who fosters a cat?

You have to have a lot of time on your hands so that you can take the cats to the vet to get their shots as well as be spayed and neutered so that they are ready to be adopted by the next person. You also have to have a lot of patience and energy so that you can play with them and so that they can get enough energy out of their systems.

How can other students get involved with fostering cats?

There are a lot of shelters around Carmel and central Indiana that need a lot of help. The one that I go through is Paws on My Heart and I know that you can get involved really easily.

Maddie Kosc