Submitted Photo || Lydia Yong
Senior Lydia Yong (second from the right) poses with her friends in her dark blue prom dress.

Redeeming Prom

May 15, 2020

Q/A: Role Models

Q/A: Role Models

October 21, 2019

First Times

Sarah Kim

October 18, 2019

First Tattoo: Junior Avery Jarosinki When did you get your first tattoo? I got it over Spring Break of my sophomore year. What is the tattoo and where is it? It is on the outside of my wrist and it is a cross with purpl...

Going for a Gap

Marvin Fan

October 18, 2019

Kiki Koniaris, a freshman at the University of Chicago and year 2018 graduate of CHS, recently started her first day of college following a gap year between high school and college. According to Koniaris, during her gap year s...

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