Music Review: “Is There Someone Else?”

The Weeknd’s “Is There Someone Else?” is one of the best songs of 2022. Though it may not be the most iconic song in the artist’s “Dawn FM” album, Tesfaye’s vocals paired with the constant, steady beat of a drum sends a powerful message about the fear of losing one’s lover, creating another R&B masterpiece from the artist. 

The song begins with Tesfaye’s vocals pitched up electronically, eventually fading away to be replaced with his familiar voice. From the very first moment, he makes it clear that he’s aware his lover is hiding from him. He goes on to reveal how it affects their relationship, stating that he can see it in her eyes when they fight. Tesfaye spends the remainder of the song questioning what to do and whether he even deserves his lover’s loyalty.

The Weeknd’s vocals combined with the song’s lyrics present a melancholy mood, while the steady beat of the drum grounds the listener, staying true to the artist’s roots in the rhythm and blues genre. The simplicity of the background music serves to further emphasize the vocals throughout the song.

 As the song comes to a close, Tesfaye repeats, “Is there someone else or not?” a final time, while the background slowly fades out. Finally, just as the song comes to an end, it transitions flawlessly to the next song in the Weeknd’s album, “Starry Eyes.”