Music Review: “Reflections”

“Reflections” by the Neighbourhood, an indie-rock band that was propelled to fame from their 2013 song, “Sweater Weather.” “Reflections” was released in 2018, a part of their album titled, “The Neighbourhood,” which has a very distinct sound and style compared to their other albums and songs. 

Reflections opens with a slow beat, highlighting the theme of being left by someone and awaiting their return, with the dark sound and theme emphasizing the sadness and emptiness that is felt when someone leaves them. The song continues with the main instrumental, providing a dramatic shift towards the story, showcasing the acknowledgement of being left by someone and how to continue life without them. 

As the track progresses, it stresses how the song focuses on love, and how love changes perspectives, and how you view someone. The lines “We were too close to the stars,” and “I never knew somebody like you” shows that the love felt in the story was so deep, it was doomed to fail from the start. As the song ends, it feels incomplete, like there are aspects missing that need to be addressed, and the ending of the song feels forced and abrupt. 

All in all, I found the story told through the lyrics to be dark, while emphasizing a message that shows the pain and emotions felt through love. For me, I found “Reflections” to be a song lacking in almost everything, and was ultimately disappointed, knowing what they can achieve from their hit song, “Sweater Weather.”