A quarterly-published, topically-based newsmagazine


A quarterly-published, topically-based newsmagazine


A quarterly-published, topically-based newsmagazine


Unique Pets

Unique Pets

Q&A with sophomore Elizabeth Hart about her unique pet frog
Michelle Wan December 3, 2021
Graphic || Joshika Sathyamathan

Yule Ball

Students are excited for the Yule Ball despite location change
Saumya Somasi December 3, 2021
The Boy Who Lived

The Boy Who Lived

Check out the timeline of Harry Potter's adventures throughout the 8 films
Jillian Moore and Elise Varhan December 3, 2021

The Wizarding World

Take a look at some attractions in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando
Archit Kalra, Rohan Mahesh, and Daniel Tian December 3, 2021
The Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat

Take this quiz to find out which Harry Potter house you belong in
Riley Laferriere and Elise Varhan December 3, 2021
Quidditch Through the Ages

Quidditch Through the Ages

Take a look at the different facts about Quidditch, how to play it at home
Emily Sandy and Yichen Liu December 3, 2021
Grace Guo

Hope for the Best, Expect the Worst

Disasters can happen at any time, here is how CHS prepares for them
Saahas Kandru October 7, 2021
Photo || Karolena Zhou
Junior Grace Zhu holds cards up to her face, contemplating her next move. Zhu said that she is very competitive: “I like to win.”

The Art of Cards

Q&A with junior Grace Zhu on her passion for playing cards
Dariush Khurram October 7, 2021
Submitted Photo || Vincent Federspiel
Senior Vincent Federspiel plans to go to the workforce after gradaution. He will be working in Florida with his father constructing golf courses. Federspiel said he didn’t feel like college would fit in, which was one of the reasons why he chose to work.

The Path Ahead

Students explain their career paths, decisions on not going to college
Kruti Subbannavar May 14, 2021
Riley Terbush

Worth a Shot

Students express hopes about vaccine distribution process, encourage others to get vaccinated
Leah Tan May 14, 2021
Shruthi Ravichandran
Senior Alexis “Lexi” Carter admires a pair of sunglasses on display at Broad Ripple Vintage. Carter said she would describe herself as a “Granola Girl”, or someone who enjoys being outdoors and spirituality who also tends to dress in more muted earth tones.

For the Aesthetic

Students connect “aesthetics” to identity, perception of others
Grace Xu March 5, 2021
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