Individual Icebergs

HiLite staff members share personal icebergs, pet peeves

Q: What pet peeves are your personal icebergs?

A:One of my biggest pet peeves thus far was not being able to know enough. While this perspective is probably shared among most people, it remains a major annoyance in my life. The desire to know also creates a repeating cycle of wanting to know, researching, and then realizing that what I do know is far from what I want to know.” – Sophomore Matthew Du, Reporter

A: “I can’t stand to watch when people do not recognize that the circumstances around them are a direct result of their actions. For example, when a student who performed subpar for a test refuses to take responsibility, blaming the teacher or other external factors when it was they who did not study for a test.” – Junior Eva Glazier, Online Editor

A: “One of my biggest pet peeves is losing socks. They always seem to get lost in the washer or dryer, and then I can never actually find them again. I always throw my socks into the wash together, so they always end up getting lost somewhere between going into the washer and coming out of the dryer.” – Senior Zainab Idrees, News Editor

A: “I have a lot of pet peeves but one of the most annoying ones to me is when people are loud while eating food. For instance, when people scrape their silverware against their dishes and it makes that horrendous, high pitched, screeching sound, I can’t help but wince.” – Sophomore Avery Carlisle, Reporter