First Times

CHS students elaborate on some of their most memorable firsts

First Tattoo:

Junior Avery Jarosinki

When did you get your first tattoo?

I got it over Spring Break of my sophomore year.

What is the tattoo and where is it?

It is on the outside of my wrist and it is a cross with purple flowers and vines.

What is the significance of your tattoo?

It is matching with my mom. I also always wanted a cross tattoo some point in my life so I thought why not now.

First Time Eating Meat:

Junior Savannah Murzda

When did you eat meat for the first time in a long time?

I ate meat for the first time in September of 2019, after two years of not eating meat.

Why did you stop eating meat?

I stopped eating meat because I honestly did not like it and decided the environmental benefits outweighed the convenience (of eating it).

What were the effects of not eating meat?

I lost a little weight at first… (because) I had a lot of trouble getting all of my protein.

What would you say to another student that was considering to stop eating meat?

I would say that they absolutely should (try not eating meat) for the impact it has on the environment. But I would also warn them to make sure they are staying healthy and getting all their nutrients.

First Job:

Junior Marissa Woodruff

What was your first job?

My first job was at Bub’s Cafe. I signed on as a hostess but also was a waitress on some days.

When did you get your first job?

I started working there in June this summer. I actually am still working there during the school year.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy my friends that I have made from working there. It is also a really good experience to have and I have enjoyed my time working there.

What advice would you give to a student interested in getting their first job?

I would say to make sure the job you are applying for is enjoyable for you. I also think that you need to make sure that you will be able to manage both schoolwork and the job.

First Dates:

Senior Tyler Wittles

When was your first date and what did you do?

I think it was eight grade. We went to the movies, I think we saw Captain America: Civil War. She didn’t know anything about the movie and kept asking me questions. It was really annoying.

How did it go?

I think it went pretty well. We had a second date, I think we saw The Jungle Book.


Senior Emma Uber

When was your first date and what did you do?

My first date was the summer between freshman and sophomore year. We went to downtown Carmel and just walked around.

How did it go?

It was good, it was basically conversation and getting to know each other. Because we weren’t super close friends yet, at that time. It was mostly wandering around and just talking about our lives.

What advice would you give someone about to go on their first date?

Don’t be too nervous, they are just as nervous as you are. And don’t be afraid to make conversation because even if saying something embarrassing is better than it just being silent.