In the Top 1%: Performing Arts

Senior Aidan Mellor, Ambassadors, Select Sound member


Karolena Zhou

Senior Aidan Mellor reads from his binder of music during one of his choir classes. Mellor is a part of two of the top choirs at CHS: the Ambassadors show choir and Select Sound a capella choir. Outside of classes, he also helps organize events and assists with the Freshman boys choir.

What are some of your musical accomplishments at CHS?

I’m in Ambassadors and Select Sound, so I have three hours of choir every blue day, come in during SRTs for rehearsals and then I assist with the freshman boys, as well have rehearsals weekly after school. I do music outside of school by either doing voice lessons, producing music or trying to write arrangements and stuff for other upcoming things. I’ve been in Ambassadors and Select Sound for two years.

What initially sparked your interest in music and choir?

I had a lot of interest for music at a really early age. One of my earliest memories is watching a TV program about a very popular singer, and according to my parents. I was entranced by it and would not stop watching it. I think interest in music for me started very early, and then I started getting into formal choirs and stuff when I was about 8. I’ve been in stuff like that since then. I do extracurricular stuff, and then I added it onto my schooling.

Are you planning to pursue music in the future?

I’m planning to pursue music business in college. I don’t want to perform just because of the lack of security and everything, that gets me a bit nervous, but I still want to pursue it as a part of my career, just not as a performer. I’d like to be a part of the industry, as well be able to produce and do my own things on the side, potentially perform, just as a side hobby.

Have you faced any major challenges getting to where you’ve gotten to today?

Yes. Academically, I’m taking a lot of classes for it, so that in itself takes up a lot of time. Doing rehearsals and everything can sometimes put more pressure on you academically. I had a fairly bad health stint last year because I had three consecutive choir classes in a row because of an additional class and I faced some vocal health problems for a while to the point where I had to not sing for about two months, so that was kind of a setback in getting ready for college auditions, or just sort of getting myself prepped for the year, so I’ve had to learn to work around those and be more proactive.