Keep Your Distance


Vallei Chandrakumar

Senior Alexsandra “Aleks” Shepherd works on an activity during Spanish Club. As a member in the club, Shepherd attends meetings as a part of the Greyhound Hybrid cohort.

Valliei Chandrakumar

Q&A: Aleksandra “Aleks” Shepherd

Have you felt more or less isolated recently due to COVID-19?

I have felt more isolated because when we’re at school, there’s way less people. It’s also harder to find people to sit with at lunch or anything, especially since you only have two people at a table.

How has participation in your club helped with feelings of alienation?

Even at Spanish Club, there’s only like five people because (the student body) is split into two (with virtual and hybrid) and then it’s split into two more (with cohorts). (With Spanish Club), you get to have more interaction with people that aren’t just sitting in class since you can’t really talk to people much in class anymore other than when doing schoolwork.