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Club Creation

Broaden your vision, create the club

The opportunity to create and join a club is what makes this school unique. Students are always encouraged to join clubs at school, as they can be rewarding experiences for students that foster community engagement.

Clubs allow students to explore and pursue their passions and interests outside the regular curriculum. Whether it’s a cultural, academic or just a hobby or advocacy interest, clubs provide a platform for students to dive deeper into what they love. Students can gain self-confidence, overcome shyness and develop a sense of identity through club participation. It’s an opportunity for personal growth and self-discovery.

During my freshman year—which was a COVID hybrid schedule—I had been completely disconnected from the rest of the school. I had no involvement in any clubs and barely participated in class. But the following year, I decided to give clubs a chance. My first club was Sprinkle of Joy, which was dedicated to baking goods and writing letters for local organizations and school staff. With this club, I felt included and made a few friends, which gave me the courage to speak out to more people at more places.

Just by existing, clubs create opportunities to connect with people who share similar interests. It can lead to forming lasting friendships, discovering mentors and expanding one’s social network. And when developed correctly, clubs engage in community service or outreach projects, giving students a chance to make a positive impact beyond the school walls. This fosters a sense of civic responsibility and empathy.

While there are some clubs that seem to exist to pad student’s college resumes, even those experiences can offer valuable leadership opportunities. Students learn how to manage meetings and collaborate with others, even if they’re not doing as much as other groups.

Clubs related to arts, creation, writing or other pursuits also provide an outlet for self-expression. While sometimes there are students creating short-term clubs to look stronger in their college applications, some of these clubs leave deep-rooted accomplishments.

One example is the Build-A-PC Club, which was founded in 2019 and disbanded in 2021. While the club had a short run, it taught the interested members details of the computers we use in our daily lives and how they could build their own. The lasting impact, however, was immense.

The Build-A-PC Club built 25 desktops which would be used to create the new eSports team. And from this kickstarter, the eSports team would continue to grow, playing at local tournaments and expanding the lab. Carmel eSports is now considered a Varsity sport, claiming six State championships in various games, but the club would not have existed without the short lived Build-A-PC Club.

Though the Build-A-PC Club was disbanded when the seniors who made the club left, it left a lasting impact similar to the Carmel phrase “You can only take with you what you leave behind.”

Clubs are meant to be enjoyable. They offer a break from academic pressures and provide a space where students can have fun while pursuing their interests. Starting or joining a club in school can be a valuable part of a student’s educational journey, contributing to personal growth, skill development and a sense of belonging within the school community.

I suggest to students who have an interest to create a club that reflects who they are and what they want. Find like-minded people at this school. Make a club, but not just for college applications. Create a light that gathers people, making it a gift to the world.

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