Call of Duty: Letter from the Editor

Anushka Dasgupta and Tara Kandallu

Dearest Reader,

We all have our loyalties; it’s part of what makes each of us different. Whether the cause of such loyalties is something we’ve had from birth or from choice, they affect our beliefs, motivations and actions. They form the basis for who we are as a person and all culminate into our own call of duty.

We often think a “call of duty” represents a service to one’s country—a conscription to the military. This is what we’ve tried to reflect in our cover: how the ultimate sacrifice one can make for his or her country is one of the most socially impactful duties. Yet often times, duties are not necessarily on the scale of life or death. In truth, we each have our own.

Right now, you may not know what your call of duty is. In this issue, we’ve tried to explore that idea for different people through many lenses: professionals who felt called to teaching, students who feel a responsibility to work in their family businesses or even Disney princesses and their commitments. Hopefully, these stories shed a light on what duties you might know of and can help you better find your own call. Maybe one day, you will know your call of duty too.

—Anushka Dasgupta & Tara Kandallu, Editors-in-Chief