Luck of the Daredevil

Athletes participate in extreme sports that pose physical challenges


Submitted Photo || Jack Dorsey

Junior Jack Dorsey competes at the GoPro Motorplex in North Carolina. Dorsey said his favorite aspect of kart racing is the community and the people he has met through the sport.

Kassi Darnell and Alivia Romaniuk

Q&A: Jenna Presley 

Junior Jenna Presley competes in equestrian vaulting, aerial silks

What is the most difficult aspect of equestrian vaulting?

The most difficult thing about vaulting is different for everyone. For me, strength is something I really have to work on. Vaulting takes a ton of strength that I need to work hard to build.

Ray Mo
Junior Jenna Presley practices freestyle equestrian vaulting on
her vaulting horse, Tiffany. During freestyle exercises, the vaulter typically performs choreographed movements
such as mounts, dismounts, standing
and various aerial moves.

What is your favorite part about equestrian vaulting?

I love the community. Competitions are never ever hostile. We are all best friends and cheer each other on every time we go in the ring. I love how much it tests my strength and I love getting to compete.

Have you ever been hurt or injured equestrian vaulting?

I fell off about four years ago while I was standing on the horse. It hurt my back and I still have pain today.

Have you ever been injured doing aerial silks?

I’ve never been injured from aerial silks, but things like silk burn and bruises are a weekly thing. Sometimes the fabric is cinched really tight, usually around my stomach or thigh, and I’ll get bruises from that.

What is the hardest aspect of aerial silks?

The hardest part is trusting that the fabric will catch you no matter what; this is mostly for backwards drops.

What do you plan to do in the future with these skills?

In the future, I’d love to join a circus, like Cirque du Soleil, or at least contribute to both as long as I can. I’d like to get up to the highest level in (equestrian) vaulting. I’d also love to teach both at some point.


Q&A: Jack Dorsey 

Junior Jack Dorsey competes in national-level kart races

How did you get more into competitive kart racing?

For the national level, you have to buy your way in. So when (my dad and I) realized we wanted to do it as a more serious thing, we started putting more money into it to try to get me noticed by more racing teams and sponsors so I could get a spot in the national level.

Why do you like kart racing?

I like it mainly because it’s something I’ve always been around. I grew up at the track because I was there with my dad all the time and we were always around anything with an engine. So I think it’s not like any specific reason, I’ve just been around it so long that it’s a part of me.

Submitted Photo || Jack Dorsey
Junior Jack Dorsey hugs his dad after a karting race. His dad participated in kart racing in college and the two of them became involved with the sport together about two years ago.

What is your favorite part about kart racing? 

My favorite thing about kart racing is really just the people in it. When (my dad and I) started, we knew nothing. My dad is not a mechanic, he’s a burn doctor, and he knew nothing about cars, he just liked watching racing. We got help from a lot of amazing people and we’re still connected with them and we still work with them now. I’m grateful to have met them. That’s literally the best part of kart racing is the people and the community is so helpful. To give you an example, in 2011 I lost my mom to cancer. It’s helped me in a lot of ways, other than just the bad. It’s brought a lot of positives. I started a charity called “Karting for Cancer” a long time ago and we sold stickers around the track and we sold shirts to the kids and the dads and tried to raise money. It has evolved into a whole new charity and it’s still evolving. We’re actually about to make a donation to Riley Children’s Hospital for a racing simulator for the kids to play on and get their minds off what’s going on. I like doing that because I’ve already gone through (losing a parent) and I know it helps a lot when people reach out. 

Are you interested in pursuing karting as a career?

It’s always been my dream to have a career in racing, either as a driver or a mechanic or in the pit crew. I just want to be involved in something in this area.