2019-2020 Staff

Anushka Dasgupta


Hello! I’m Anushka Dasgupta, and I serve as co-Editor in Chief of the Acumen with Tara Kandallu. In the past, I’ve served as a Hilite News Editor, News Reporter and Sports Copy Editor. I love all things journalism but when...

Tara Kandallu


Hello! I'm Tara Kandallu, Editor-in Chief of the Acumen with Anushka Dasgupta. During my second year on staff, I contributed content to the Acumen and my junior year, I was associate editor for the Acumen. Works from those positions...

Olivia Childress

Associate Editor

Hi! I'm Olivia and I'm a second-year staff member here on the HiLite. I'm one of the Acumen Associate Editors this year and focused mainly on Sports photography last year. Outside of HiLite, I love creating art and playing music...

Isabella White

Associate Editor

Hi! My name is Isabella White and I am an Acumen Associate Editor this year. In the past, I have been both an Entertainment Reporter and a Beats Editor. Outside of HiLite, I am a member of Cabinet, Carmel Mayor's Youth Counci...

Richa Louis

Associate Editor

Hi! My name is Richa Louis and I am one of the Acumen's associate editors. In the past, I have served as a Feature reporter, photographer, and photo editor for the HiLite. On this page, you can see my work from all of my years...

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