A quarterly-published, topically-based newsmagazine


A quarterly-published, topically-based newsmagazine


A quarterly-published, topically-based newsmagazine


Bright Future?

Bright Future?

Take a look at both the positive and negative predictions people have for the future of the world
Chloe Sun and Emily Sandy May 14, 2021
BIG Plans

BIG Plans

CHS students anticipate lives after high school
Daniel Tian and Olivia McKee May 14, 2021
Akash “Reno” Bhowmik, Chess Club co-president and junior, picks up a chess piece to make a move against his opponent during the Feb. 24 meeting in F108. Bhowmik said he values the friendships he is able to enhance through Chess Club meetings.

Queen’s Gambit

“Queen’s Gambit” series brings out renewed interest to chess players
Aniket Biswal and Andrew Caito March 5, 2021

Fight for Right

Emily Sandy December 11, 2020
Digital Romance

Digital Romance

Students consider modern romance, communication in digital age
Jillian Moore December 11, 2020

The Case For Feminism In 2020

Fight for gender equality is crucial even in 2020
Saumya Somasi December 11, 2020
Pride and Prejudice Story

Pride and Prejudice Story

Take a look at the story of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice"
Gray Martens December 11, 2020
Geetika Chitturi, student leader of Carmel SWENext club and sophomore, presents about women in engineering at an event. This year due to COVID-19 the club is meeting only over zoom and events like the one in the picture are not taking place.

Women of STEM

CHS female students recognize prejudices regarding their role in STEM community, stress female participation in field
Kruti Subbannavar and Jasmine Zhang December 11, 2020
Sarah (top
right) and
daughter and
Abigail “Abby”
(bottom right)
Burnham pose
for a photo
with their
family. Abby
and her twin
brother Henry
(bottom left)
were born
from IVF.

Alternate Beginnings

Mother, daughter recount in-vitro fertilization, impact of fertility issues
Cady Armstrong October 30, 2020

A Monster-osity

“Frankenstein” structure too confusing, not memorable enough for students
Emily Carlisle October 30, 2020
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